Lilja Mˇsesdˇttir


Telephone: 433 301

GSM: 898 7160





1998/1999 Doctor of Philosophy (D. Phil) from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) Management School, Manchester, England.


1988 Masters of Arts (M.A) in Development Economics from the University of Sussex, Brighton, England.


1986-1987 teacher's training at Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany.


1985 one semester study in economics at Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany.


1984 Bachelor of Business Administration and economics (B.B.A) from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, U.S.A.


1981 St˙dentsprˇf from the Commerical College of Iceland (Verzlunarskˇli ═slands), ReykjavÝk, Iceland.



Research area: EU and European labour markets - the European Employment Strategy and gender mainstreaming. The Knowledge Society and gender equality. Comparative studies of labour markets and welfare states.